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Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is on the horizon once again and that means spring cleaning is also right around the corner. I've compiled my top 10 spring cleaning tips and tricks to help you get through the mess as swiftly as possible!

1. Print out a schedule

Spring cleaning seems daunting when you have your to-do list swirling around your head. That's why I've created a 30 day spring cleaning checklist that you can print out and stick on your fridge. Click here to grab yours now!

2. Gather supplies

Make sure to do this step PRIOR to starting your spring cleaning. Whether you like to get it all done in a day, or to space it out over a month you definitely do not want to have to stop your cleaning to run to the store for something (besides storage bins- leave those for after. There's more on that below). Here is a list of my recommended spring cleaning products to stock up on before you start:

3. Put together a playlist

This step is obviously optional, but I always find cleaning and organizing much more enjoyable when I have my favorite music going in the background!

4. Wait until AFTER you de-clutter to buy storage bins

Most people go out and buy miscellaneous storage bins of various sizes prior to starting their cleaning and de-cluttering process. However, I'm here to save you from that mistake. Make sure you get all of your cleaning AND organizing done before you make that trip to the store for those bins. This way you know exactly how many and what sizes you need. This will save you from keeping things that you aren't REALLY of any value to you and will also save your wallet!

5. Work top to bottom

Whatever it is you're cleaning, make sure you work top to bottom. This will prevent all of the dust and debris from above from settling onto something that you've already cleaned.

6. Don't push yourself to get it done in one day

The thought of spring cleaning is a lot less scary when you think of it has an entire month, as opposed to just one day or even one weekend. You can take 15 minutes - 1 hour each day and have your entire house sparkly clean within 30 days (cue my 30 day checklist)!

7. Don't forget pets

Pets don't usually come to mind when you think of spring cleaning. However, it's a great idea to set a day to have them groomed around this time. You will reduce the amount of hair and dust by getting this done.

8. De-clutter your devices

Phones, computers, ipads, laptops. Now is the perfect time to get these things in order. Cluttered mobile devices = cluttered brains. I just de-cluttered my phone and chose a different technique this time. Let me tell you it was a game changer. If you're interested in seeing an entire post on that leave a comment below!

9. Steam clean stuffed animals

If you have children chances are you have close to an entire house full of stuffed animals. It's easy to forget that stuffed animals hold a lot of dirt and dust. Make sure when you clean your children's toys to include their stuffed animals this spring!

10. Have a cleaning schedule post spring cleaning

This might be one of my most important tips in my entire list. Don't let all of your hard work go to waste. Make sure to have a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routine set so that you can easily keep your home fresh and clean! You can snag one of my cleaning & maintenance planners by clicking here!


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