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How To Use Your Planner To Boost Your Productivity

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

When I first started using a planner I went about it the way most people do and was pretty upset when my productivity wasn't magically improving. I was writing down my to-do list and not getting all of my tasks done. That's when I came up with a system that vastly improved what I was getting done in a day.

Don't panic. It's easier than you think.

I know that it can be a little overwhelming, so I've gone ahead and broken it down into a 5 step guide. That feeling of assurance is closer than you think!

1. Use a paper and pen planner Paper planners give you a visual and tangible space dedicated strictly to planning that digital planners do not. I have, no joke, 86 "notes" in my iphone planner. None of them are completed. You are so much more likely to start crushing your to-dos with a paper planner. Trust me.

2. Set your phone alarm name to "planner" to start your day Make your planner your first priority upon waking up. Grab your cup of coffee, pull on a comfy robe, and get cozy with your planner. Review what needs to be done for the day.

3. Split your planner into sections Whether you are using a planner for teaching, fitness, holidays, meal planning, etc. you'll want to split your planner up into daily, weekly, and monthly sections (hint: we have all 3 of those inserts in our shop). Start with the month and work backwards to plan your weeks and days too.

4. Be specific with your plans In terms of daily plans, you'll want to be specific. Instead of "errands", write down "go to the bank", "pick up dry cleaning", and "go to CVS for Rx". You are more likely to complete everything you have to do for the day this way.

5. End each day with your planner Just like the morning, you'll want to end your days with your planner. Make any changes needed, review all that you did get done, plan out the following day, and flip to the next day so that you are ready to go in the morning!


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