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How to Organize your Entire House Room by Room

Updated: Nov 7


Organizing your home can be so hard, and the absolute hardest part is keeping your home organized afterwards, especially if you have a family.

I’ve been there. I went from mess to clutter in my home for years, failing at keeping the mess organized every time. Until I finally learned the secrets of successful home organization and home management, which is what I’m sharing with you here!

In this blog post, I’m sharing exactly how I organized my home and the system I used that allowed me to keep it organized for good. I’ll be covering:

• How to start organizing your home

• How to organize junk drawers and spaces • How to organize the coat closet(s) • How to organize the laundry room • How to organize the living room

• How to organize the pantry

• How to organize the fridge / freezer • How to organize the kitchen

• How to organize the playroom

• How to organize the bathroom(s)

• How to organize bedrooms

• The system I use to keep everything organized

So, if you’re tired of struggling to get your home organized once and for all, falling off the wagon every time you start to feel organized, constantly feeling disorganized and overwhelmed, then you’re in the right place! All of that is about to change for good!

How I Organized my Entire House Room by Room I was naturally organized up until I moved out of my parents' house, but after having my first daughter who just happened to have a lot of special needs, I quickly became severely disorganized. I was depressed, overwhelmed, and could not enjoy my children or my home.

I was desperate to get my house organized, but could never stick to any one system long enough to keep it that way. I would be able to maintain my home for a few weeks tops, and then I’d land right back in a pile of chaos.

Until one day, I was absolutely fed up with being disorganized and overwhelmed, so I set out to figure out what type of system was going to work to keep me organized for good.

I started doing tons of research on organization, storage solutions, and minimalism, and I finally learned the secrets of how to keep each space of my home where I wanted it and how to keep it that way.

From there, I finally created a home organization system that worked for me.

Before I knew it, after one weekend of hard organizing and decluttering, I had my whole house organized, and I have kept it that way effortlessly ever since.

My life has completely changed for the better.

So here’s exactly what I learned, and how to implement it for yourself. This is exactly how to stick to a home organization plan and how to keep your home organized for good.

Step #1: How to start organizing your home (the hard truth)

We have one important, yet sometimes difficult pill to swallow before we technically dive in room-by-by. This first step isn't technically necessary, but I highly recommend it. You need to be willing to get rid of your junk. I noticed that every time I organized prior, I would hold on to more junk than my spaces could fit. I realized that I was holing on to so much of this *stuff* because I was really holding on to the memory the item held.

This is why I highly recommend getting anywhere between 1-3 storage tubs to place items that don't really have an every day or every week, month, year, etc. need in your home but are still items that do hold a lot of sentimental value for you AND a label maker (we'll use the label maker in almost every step). I store mine in my basement. Once your set number of bins you're allowing yourself are full, that's it. Everything else either goes in the trash or in the donation pile.

Step #2: How to organize junk drawers and spaces

First you'll want to take absolutely everything out of this drawer(s). You're going to end up with a ton of items that you can probably throw away. Once everything is out clean the drawer and measure it. Now that you have your measurements you can order some very handy drawer organizers that can be mixed and matched to fit your space and need (until your handy dandy organizers come in you can neatly put like items back grouped together in the drawer. Once your organizers come you can grab that label maker and place a nice, neat label on the bottom of eat organizer so everyone in the house knows what goes in which spot!

Step #3: How to organize the coat closet(s)

Like before we're going to take everything out of the closet. Clean the closet top to bottom. Now it's time to make 4 separate piles. 'KEEP' - 'DONATE' - 'TRASH' - 'RETURN'.

Your keep pile is for things that will be staying in the closet. Donate pile will be donated. Trash pile will go in the garbage. And return pile are items that belong in another spot in the house. You can go ahead and deal with the donate, trash, and return piles immediately.

Now you can start putting the items IN SEASON ONLY back into the closet. Make sure to hang items from longest to shortest and leave room for when you have guests over. Place any shoes you have on a shoe rack that goes on the floor of the closet and organize some baskets for items like hats, gloves, swim gear, etc on the above shelf of your closet. Place some behind the door hooks for items like purses and umbrellas.

Step #4: How to organize the laundry room

As always, you want to start by emptying any bins, cabinets, and shelves. Make those same 4 piles as above (keep, donate, trash, return).

Take your keep pile and make sub-piles of like items:

- household cleaners

- stain treatments

- shoe products

- carpet & upholstery

- laundry

- backstock

Keep things like household cleaners, stain treatments, shoe products, carpet & upholstery and back stock items in clear containers or simply inside of cabinets. You can also keep the laundry items in cabinets, however I like to keep mine displayed in jars like these on a shelf above my washer and dryer. Grab that label maker again and label your little heart out!

Step #5: How to organize the living room

This room is a little vague because everyone's living space is different. For instance, some people may have open shelving built ins, while I have end tables that double as storage space. No matter what your space looks like follow the same few rules of:

- pull everything out

- keep, donate, trash, return piles

- like items together

- storage solutions that work for your space

Step #6: How to organize the pantry

This is my all time favorite space to organize. Start by taking everything out of your pantry. make keep and discard piles. Take inventory of what you now have left. Now you'll want to place like items together and back in the pantry. A lazy Susan is great for things like oils, baking products and condiments. Grab some clear airtight bins to decant as much as you can. Use the back of your door for miscellaneous items that can be stored there. And lastly, grab some hooks to use on the wall space for items like lunchboxes or bibs. Don't forget to label label label!

Step #7: How to organize the fridge/freezer

This step is pretty much identical to the pantry, so go ahead and follow that same routine.

Step #8: How to organize the kitchen

I like to separate the kitchen into a few parts:

- under the sink

- under the island

- upper cabinets

- lower cabinets

- drawers

focus on one of these areas at a time and follow the pull out, make piles, like items method outlined in previous steps (you should be a pro by now!) This is a big area that can gather a lot of unnecessary items. Do you really need 25 coffee mugs? Make sure to measure ALL spaces prior to purchasing any new organizers.

Step #9: How to organize the playroom

The dreaded playroom. The biggest advice I can give on this is PURGE, PURGE, PURGE and find bins that work for you and your little one. I like to use a mixture of clear bins and wire baskets for the playroom so that my kids can see what's in a bin before deciding to dump it all over the place. I have 8 bins out at one time and keep the rest of their toys in basement storage bins (labeled of course) so that I can rotate their toys once a week to keep things fresh and exciting for them. This has helped keep the toy clutter at bay and my kids happy and engaged in their play!

Step #10: How to organize the bathrooms

After completing the same main steps of decluttering, try to keep the counter space free of items. Grab some drawer organizers and utilize under the sink, behind linen closet doors, and of course separate items into like categories with labels!

Step #11: How to organize the bedrooms

We've finally made it to the bedrooms! Break down each bedroom into these categories:

- closet

- under the bed

- dresser

- night stands

The key here is the same as the bathrooms, no clutter on any open surfaces. That means the dresser and the nightstands stay free of anything aside from a bedside lamp, and 1-3 small items that bring you joy. Grab some bins that fit your spaces, purge what you don't need, and sit down and pat yourself on the back because you've officially decluttered you're entire home!

If you have extra spaces like a home office, basement, or attic simply follow the same method outlined in this post for those rooms.

Finally - The system I use to keep everything organized


- Make the beds

- One load of laundry

- Put away dishwasher dishes from previous night

- Tidy house before bed

- Load dishwasher before bed


- Dust furniture

- Vacuum mop the house (this wet/dry mop is the one I currently use..I've been a Tineco customer for years now and will never use anything else)


- Clean microwave and stove

- Clean windows

- Clean garbage can


- Clean bathrooms

- Wash towels


- Clean electronic screens

- Sort paperwork

- Pay bills

Fridays :

- Organize one area of my home (a blog post of each area is coming soon!)

- Grocery shop

- Toy rotation


- Clean car

- Mow lawn


- Clean purse & diaper bags

- Weekly meal plan

- Wash bedding

- Tidy house & restocks

- Plan following week

Once I learned these organization secrets and implemented them into my daily life, I finally organized the home that I had been struggling with for years, and have kept it organized ever since. I want this for you, too! If you’re ready to ditch the clutter, get control of your home, learn to organize and stay that way, and finally declutter for good, I urge you to complete this home organization challenge and STAY organized by grabbing my home management printable binder now while it's 70% off! It holds over 300 pages of complete home and life organization checklists, guides, and trackers. Click here to get started!

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