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5 Easy Steps to Remodel a Room

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

I'll be closing on my forever home in three days and will be taking on the large task of slowly remodeling each room. In preparation for that I decided to create an entire Home Reno Planner to keep all tasks in order for the various projects I'm going to be completing.

1. Brain Dump

Start out by getting some scrap paper and brain dumping any and all details that are already floating around your brain. Whether it be wall colors, decor ideas, or total reno steps make sure to get it all out and down on paper.

2. Create a Budget

Before you even begin organizing your project and making choices, you'll want to decide on a budget. This will ensure that you don't start with a budget that is already too high or out of your price range due to trying to budget around things you really want to include.

3. Hire Contractor(s)

If you'll be doing any sort of reno that you want to hire out, now is the time to look at estimates from different contractors and choose the best one for your budget and preferences.

4. Create Pinterest Boards

This is my personal favorite step and the simplest one. Get those Pinterest Boards started!

5. Fill in Your Room Remodel Planner

Now it's time to organize all of items from your brain dump into your Room Remodel Planner. Make sure to include your project name, budget, esitmated start and finish dates, room size, wall + trim paint, and flooring choice. Lastly, fill in the included "To-Do List" in order to put everything in chronological order for easy reference.

Just like that you're ready to start, organize, and finish your room remodel projects in 5 easy steps! CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE ROOM REMODEL PLANER NOW!

Download PDF • 64KB

If you're ready to start organizing multiple rooms to remodel, you can click here to check out our entire Home Reno Planner!

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