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Nichole O'Brien
Founder / Lead Designer
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Welcome! My name is Nichole and I am the owner of the Planner Mom Company! I have two amazing daughters, ages 6-months-old and 4-years-old! Trying to juggle motherhood, working, and a family is hard enough in itself.  Not only do I have the every day struggles of being a Mama, but my oldest daughter Gracie was born with multiple allergies, a rare condition called FPIES, Autism, and a rare genetic syndrome; Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome.  This syndrome puts Gracie at an increased risk for childhood cancer and tumors.  As a result, she needs to get routine blood work, ultrasounds, as well as other tests every 3 months throughout her childhood years.  She has a team of doctors including a Cardiologist, Geneticist, Developmental Pediatrician, Immunologist, Allergist, and a Nephrologist.  I would get lots of questions on how I managed my time and life so well, especially with a child with health conditions.  Long story short- PLANNERS!  I gained order of being a work-from-home Mama to my little lady through planning, and thus this blog and site was born!  Since then I have also given birth to our second daughter, Ella James.  She has been the little angel that has completed our family. Now I'm able to give my daughters the care that they need right in our home, while simultaneously providing all of you with some amazing planners, as well as FREE resources each and every week!

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To stay up-to-date on all of the freebies and information, I highly suggest signing up for my weekly newsletter ! You'll receive a free ultimate decluttering checklist just for signing up! You can also follow me on social media by clicking the icons above under my name!  I hope to chat soon!

Over on the blog, you'll find TONS of freebies and info on planning and organizing.  From budgeting to fitness, meal planning to productivity- there's something for EVERYONE. The blog is a fun place to look around, get ideas, gain inspiration, and become much more knowlegable on all things planning! 

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